The next step is to prepare a Marketing Letter that you will send to all of the companies you located with the above databases.  The Marketing Letter should be as brief and professional as possible.  You should not utilize a handwritten letter or any other unfinished material.  You may want to include some of your professional patent drawings with the Marketing Letter.  You should also attempt to have the manufacturer sign a Confidentiality Agreement prior to disclosing your full invention.

After locating manufacturers and preparing your Marketing Letter, you should then send the marketing letter individually addressed to each manufacturer on your list (speak with a patent attorney prior to sending the letter regarding confidentiality issues).  You should attempt to tailor each letter according to the company you are contacting. Companies typically have a chain of command to process your letter, so you may not hear a response for 2 to 3 weeks.  If you have not heard anything from a company after approximately 4 weeks have passed, you should directly contact the company by telephone to see if they are interested in purchasing or licensing the patent rights to your invention.

(This letter is only a guide – you should modify the letter accordingly)   You should seek the assistance of an experienced attorney prior to submitting any invention information to a company whether or not you have a patent application filed.






I am the inventor of an invention entitled “[INVENTION TITLE].”  I filed a utility patent application for my invention on [FILING DATE] through the law firm of [NAME OF LAW FIRM].

I selected your company because you manufacture [IDENTIFY THEIR PRODUCTS THAT ARE SIMILAR TO YOUR INVENTION].  I believe the [INVENTION TITLE] will benefit your company in many different ways.  [IDENTIFY HOW YOUR INVENTION FITS WITHIN THE MANUFACTURER’S PRODUCT LINE].

Briefly stated, my invention comprises [BRIEFLY IDENTIFY MAJOR COMPONENTS].  The unique features of my invention are [UNIQUE FEATURE].  The advantages of the [INVENTION TITLE] are [STATE ADVANTAGES].

I have enclosed a brochure of my invention which briefly displays the key components for your review.  You may also visit my web site at for more detailed information about the [INVENTION TITLE].

I am willing to consider selling or licensing the patent rights to my invention.  If you are potentially interested in the [INVENTION TITLE], please contact me anytime at [YOUR PHONE NUMBER].

I look forward to your response.

Very truly yours,


Enclosure:  Brochure


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