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  1. General Inventor Information: Inventor groups, shows & general information.
  2. Fighting Inventor Fraud: Web sites and statutes against inventor fraud.
  3. Patent Information: Free patent searches, patent offices & law firms.
  4. Profiting From Your Idea: Invention evaluations, marketers & venture capital.

General Inventor Information

Inventor Organizations

National Invention Shows (See also “Trade Shows” below)

Intellectual Property News Sources

  • InventLaw.com – Visit the InventLaw.com blog by Neustel Law Offices, LTD to learn about the latest news and developments for inventors.
  • IPO Daily News – IP news provided by the Intellectual Property Owners Association.

Other Web Sites for Inventors

  • Ask a Patent Attorney.com – Michael Neustel (U.S. Patent Lawyer), provides answers to questions from inventors and businesses about patents.
  • Ask The Inventors – Informative web site for inventors regarding the invention process.
  • ByKidsForKids – Provides Free resources to help kid inventors grades K-12 develop, patent and market their innovations.
  • Certified Patent Valuation Analyst – The only designation for professionals with a high degree of proficiency in valuing patents.
  • The Entrepreneur Network – Ed Zimmer helps Midwest inventors and entrepreneurs through information and connections.
  • European Intellectual Property Association – A European organization that represents over 100 non-governmental and other not-for-profit organizations interested in protection the intellectual property of all Europeans.
  • Gadget Nation – A website associated with the book, Gadget Nation by Steve Greenberg, where inventors can meet, blog, and share the invention experience.
  • General Patent Corporation – Information relating to IP portfolio management, patent licensing and enforcement, and domestic/international technology transfer.
  • InventNet – A comprehensive resource for inventors at all stages.
  • InventNet Community – An informational forum that brings together independent inventors, patenting professionals, marketing specialists, and business experts.
  • Invent Spark – Connects inventors to companies in search of new inventions and product ideas.
  • National Inventors Hall of Fame – Information for inventors.
  • Minnesota Inventors Congress – Provides year-round information to inventors and hosts an annual invention show.
  • PatentCalculator.com – Website by Neustel Law Offices, LTD that allows users to calculate patent expiration dates and maintenance fee dates.
  • Patently Absurd! – Absurd, weird and wacky patents mainly from the UK patent office.
  • Product Coach – Learn the step-by-step procedures to get your invention to market. Free tips, articles, booklets, seminars, coaching.
  • USPTO Independent Inventor Resources – A wealth of information by the USPTO for inventors.
  • Virtual USPTO (www.vuspto.com) – Website developed by Neustel Law Offices, LTD that provides quick links to commonly used pages of the USPTO website.

Books, Software and Other Products for Inventors

  • InventRight – Award winning Successful Inventor Stephen Key shows you how to sell your inventions using his 10 step system.
  • Invent Secrets – Successful licensing agency, Lambert & Lambert, reveals their strategies on how to market and license inventions.
  • The Inventor’s Bible – Ron Docie is the author of this comprehensive book for inventors.
  • Marketing Your Invention – A book written by Thomas E. Mosley on how to market your invention.
  • Patent Awards – Attractive “patent plaques” and other items for inventors.
  • ConfidentialityWizard – Create strong confidentiality agreements with this easy to use software program (by Neustel Software, Inc.).
  • PAIRdownloader™ is a software program that helps patent attorneys and paralegals easily download Private PAIR documents from the USPTO e-Office Action program (by Neustel Software, Inc.).
  • PatentHunter – Patent image software downloads complete U.S. patent images free of charge.  (by Neustel Software, Inc.).
  • PatentWizard 3.0 – Software program assists inventors in preparing and filing a provisional patent application.  (by Neustel Software, Inc.)
  • SmartPatent.com – Provisional Patent Application Options – Learn how to self-draft your own provisional patent application.  From Neustel Law Offices, LTD.
  • U.S Patent Certificate – Prestigious award plaques to commemorate the awarding of your Patent, Copyright or Trademark.

Fighting Inventor Scams

Reporting Inventor Fraud

  • Inventors Awareness Center – Another great resource for inventors who have been taken advantage of by unscrupulous invention promotion companies.
  • USPTO Complaint Form – Inventors can now file complaints with the USPTO against invention promoters

State Laws Against Inventor Fraud

First Amendment Rights & Anti-SLAPP

  • ACLU – The official website of the American Civil Liberties Union.
  • California Anti-SLAPP Project – General information on Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (i.e. SLAPP lawsuits).
  • Chilling Effects – A joint project of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley, University of San Francisco, and University of Maine law school clinics to help you understand the protections that the First Amendment and intellectual property laws give to your online activities.
  • The Anti-SLAPP Resource Center – Information on how to handle a SLAPP lawsuit.

Patent Information

Patent Searches, Downloads and Tools

United States Government

Government Patent Offices

Patent Law Firms

Patent Infringement

  • General Patent Corporation – IP management firm offering IP portfolio management, patent licensing and enforcement, and domestic/international technology transfer (Tel: 845-368-4000).
  • Intellectual Property Management Group – Technology broker puts together a team to fund, litigate, and license infringed patents. Infringers must be large corporations. Potential damages, royalties and markets must be in the millions of dollars.

Patent Valuation

Marketing Your Invention

Marketing and Presentation Materials

  • Innovators Warehouse – Original, creative, persuasive, marketing collateral, packages or ala carte.  Free initial consultation and 100% money back satisfaction guarantee (Tel: 877-509-7942).

Invention Marketability Evaluations

Inventor Agents – Fashion Inventions

  • Accessory Brainstorms – A sales, licensing and consulting firm that specializes in fashion accessories, beauty and lifestyle inventions.

Inventor Agents – Toy & Game Inventions

  • Anjar Co. – This company is looking strictly for toys and games to market (Tel: 203-321-1023).
  • Ayers Concepts – David B. Ayers acts as an agent for other toy and game inventors for presenting products to the toy and game industry (Tel: 713-721-4790).
  • Blue Opal Australia Pty LTD. – Inventor agent that works with toys and games.
  • ByKidsForKids – Provides Free resources to help kid inventors grades K-12 develop, patent and market their innovations (Tel: 203-321-2155).
  • Creative Group Marketing – They work with children products such as toys and games (Tel: 203-359-3500).
  • Discover Games – Seeking toys and games. Resource for inventors to show their products to game retailers, game manufacturers and licensors(Tel: 847-677-8277).
  • Excel Development Group – If they like your invention they will market it based upon a percentage (Tel: 612-374-3233).
  • GameBird, LLC – Inventor agent that works with toys and games (Tel: 203-866-0720).
  • Harvey Reese & Associates – Provide marketing, licensing and product development services for inventors (Tel: 215-629-1593).
  • Marra Design Associates, Inc. – They market toys and games solely upon a percentage with no up-front fees if they like your idea (Tel: 952-937-8141).
  • NewFuntiers – Specializing in toys, games, gift & baby products.  They can help you license your idea to their manufacturing clients (Tel: 800-846-0701).
  • RoyaltyPros Licensing – Established agency listed on Hasbro, Fisher-Price and other toy companies “authorized agents” list (Tel: 212-366-6876).

Inventor Agents – General Inventions

  • ByKidsForKids – Provides Free resources to help kid inventors grades K-12 develop, patent and market their innovations. (Tel: 203-321-2155)
  • Docie Marketing – Work on a sliding contingency/fee schedule (Tel: 740-594-5200).
  • Inventors HQ & Inventors Mentoring Services – Two companies that help inventors with reduced fees by using a free mentoring service.
  • Lambert & Lambert – Evaluate inventions for a flat-fee and work on a percentage thereafter.
  • McPherson Partners, LLC – They will evaluate your idea for free and will market it solely for a percentage without up-front fees.
  • Pelham West Associates. – Product scouts for client companies who also work with inventors deciding whether to license the product or bring it to market themselves.
  • ThinkUSA – Murray Ansell links markets and technology world-wide (Tel: 818-813-4810).
  • Solve-It! Marketing – Establishes distribution for new products on a percentage basis and locates licensees for patented inventions (Tel: 408-947-0145).
  • RoyaltyPros Licensing – Experienced in placing product with companies looking for innovative technologies. (Tel: 212-366-6876)

Product Development & Prototyping

  • Enhance Product Design – Invention design and development services catering to inventor needs including 3D photo-realistic renderings, animations, engineering, prototyping and marketing material.  (Tel: 877-99-ENHANCE)
  • Concept Solutions – Provide product development and finished prototyping services. (Tel: 319-248-9637)
  • Creative Group Marketing – They work with toys and games (Tel: 203-359-3500).
  • E-Lab Digital Engineering – Specializes in microprocessor based circuitry, software creation, PCB layout and final design manufacturing (Tel: 816-257-9954).
  • Harrington Product Development – 3D prototyping and related technologies (Tel: 513-482-4700).
  • Marra Design Associates – Provide product development and prototyping services related to toys and games (Tel: 952-937-8141).
  • NewFuntiers – Specializing in toys, games, gift & baby products. They can assist you with graphic and product design, prototype models, and licensing your ideas (Tel: 800-846-0701).
  • ProtoSew – A sample manufacturing company will custom sew one to ten samples of your product to your specifications (Tel: 714-536-6438).
  • Salient Technologies Inc – A product design firm that does rapid prototyping, 3D modeling, animations, and patent drawings (Tel: 406-585-7275).
  • T2 Design – Assist inventors with product design, prototyping and product placement (Tel: 310-656-9922).
  • Lassen Scientific, Inc. – A full service product design, development and channel management company. Services include: Product design, prototyping with 3D printing and 4 axis milling, we also provide China outsourcing and market planning. (Tel: 530-244-6686)

Companies Seeking New Products

  • Companies Seeking Products – A complete listing of companies actively seeking new products from inventors that either are patented or have “patent pending.”

Trade Shows

Locate Companies

Press Releases

Locate Suppliers

New Product “Incubators”

  • Amargosa – Searching for innovators full of ideas for dialogs and collaborations. Creativity facilitation services to inventors working on advanced ideas.

Internet Resources for Selling Iventions

Funding Resources

Market Data & Statistics

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